An interactive visualisation interface for Xarrays

XrViz is an interactive graphical user interface(GUI) for visually browsing Xarrays. You can view data arrays along various dimensions, examine data values, change color maps, extract series, display geographic data on maps and much more. It is built on Xarray, HvPlot and Panel. It can be used with Intake to ease the process of investigating and loading datasets.


It offers the following functionality:

  1. Quick visualization of xarray data

  2. Customization programatically or interactively via widgets

  3. Mapping of geospatial datasets using Geoviews.

  4. Automatic determination of geospatial coordinates for CF-Convention data using Metpy

  5. Optional aggregation along non-map dimensions (e.g. mean over the time dimension)

  6. Interactive extraction of series plots for non-mapped dimensions (e.g. time series at a point)

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